Best Baking Products

Many of the recipes on this site use cooking products from bonCook. I find these products to be exceptional in quality and results.
bonCook offers an extensive line of French cooking products including utensils, innovative kitchen items and gourmet food products. The centerpiece of their collection is their silicone bake ware. This professional-grade, non-stick bake ware is flexible and will transform the way you cook, clean-up and organize your kitchen.

Why use bonCook?
1. Nonstick surface – making clean up quick and easy.
2. Easy to Store – Roll it or Stack it. It will save you room in your pantry and cupboards
3. Food cooks more quickly and evenly, saving you energy and more valuable time in the kitchen.
4. Flexipans are oven safe, dishwasher safe, microwave safe and freezer safe.
5. It’s reusable and guaranteed. (unlike foil, parchment paper and wax paper)

Quick and even cooking means dinner on the table in 15 minutes!
Make beautiful, creative desserts and baked goods with ease.
Product Line
Silpat – Non-stick baking mat. Use it every time you bake.
Roulpat – non-stick work station mat.
Flexipan – non-stick molds and bakeware for every baking need.
Silform – Specially designed for your bread and pastry baking needs.
Perforated Baking Sheet – Perforation allows heat to flow evenly speeding the cooking process.
To view the complete line of cooking products:
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Is it safe?
Yes! I am very careful about what I bring into my home.

All of bonCook products are BPA and PFOA free. Food and Drug Administration Certified and Kosher Certified.

See additional certification on the bonCook website.